Private Duty Nursing


Private Duty Nursing

Many individuals who have undergone major surgery, survived a critical illness, or have been the victim of a traumatic accident still have issues with being able to return to their normal lifestyle. Private duty nursing allows these types of individuals to return to the comfort of their own homes instead of continuing to be institutionalized. Home care nursing is yet another service provided through Diversity Home Health Group.

Do I Need A Health Care Social Worker?

In many cases, when you begin to discuss your discharge from a facility to independent care, a health care social worker is either assigned to you or comes highly recommended by your physician as part of your discharge orders. If that is not the case, then consider several questions concerning your ability or the ability of your family to manage your care after your discharge:

Private Duty Nursing Services

Home nursing services provide practical, compassionate and skilled medical care. Their primary objective is to fulfill the orders of the doctor who is providing the orders for home health care services to be performed. This type of care is designed to help patients and/or caregivers to manage complex medical procedures. Common services provided by a home nurse include, but are not limited to:


Ventilator care


Catheter and ostomy care


Gastrostomy (feeding tube) care


Medication and injection administration


Respiratory treatments


Tracheostomy care


Nasogastric (N-G) tube care


Providing general oversight, instruction and preventative care should any immediate medical condition arise.

A home health nurse is typically the first line of defense against any complications which might arise due to the patient’s medical condition. Because they are licensed nurses, they are trained to properly assess and apply necessary medical procedures in an emergency situation, or be able to evaluate and properly advise doctors and emergency personnel concerning the patient’s condition. This makes a home nurse an extremely valuable asset when it comes to allowing you to recover in your home rather than in an institution.

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What is Private Duty Nursing?

Private duty nursing or home care nursing is a type of medical service performed by a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), or a registered nurse (RN), in the privacy of your home. Their primary function is to perform medical related services to their patients, or instruct and supervise patients and/or caregivers on how to perform certain, less critical, medical functions.

A home health nurse will typically carry out your doctor’s orders in the same way a nurse in a hospital or clinic would, but they perform their duties in your home. A home nurse is not typically a primary caregiver and usually does not assist in non-medical related care. The primary objective of a home health nurse is focused on specified medical needs.

Do I Need a Private Duty Nurse?

Assessing whether or not you need a private duty nurse or home nursing services is often not left up to you. Often times, your release from a hospital or long-term care facility is contingent upon you being able to obtain the doctor ordered medical care you require at home. If you or a caregiver can perform the medically necessary functions without the assistance or supervision of an LVN or RN, then you probably do not need one, otherwise, your doctor will probably require that you have a home nurse before he orders your release.

The conditions and treatments which typically require the assistance or supervision of a home health nurse in your home include but are not limited to:


Persons who need continuing care from surgical recovery.


Individuals who are ventilator dependent.


Persons who present psychological or behavioral challenges that cannot be dealt with by a non-licensed caregiver.


Patients who are learning to manage critical illnesses.


Persons who require additional help with catheter and ostomy related procedures.


Patients who need assistance in managing medication or who require injections.


Children or infants who require specialized care.


Individuals who need assistance with tube feeding.


Those who need help with critical wound dressing.


Individuals utilizing dialysis.

Because of the technical implementation of these procedures and others, a home nurse is often assigned to you in the early part of your recovery at home in order to instruct and supervise you or your caregiver in how to carry out medical procedures that you require. As your recovery continues, your home nursing service will be phased out and the private duty nurse will play more of a supportive and supervisory role.

Benefits of a Private Duty Nurse

The benefits of a private duty nurse are numerous and extremely valuable. Here are just a few of the many benefits of a home health nurse:


Because of their training and expertise, they are not only able to more easily perform the necessary medical procedures ordered by your doctor, but they are also able to help instruct you and your caregiver on how to become more independent in caring for you.


A home nurse serves as your doctor’s eyes in your home. Your home health nurse can recognize, evaluate and advise a doctor or emergency personnel of complications or changes in your condition and execute necessary emergency procedures should they arise.


Being able to recover in the privacy of your own home instead of a hospital or a long-term care institution is another major benefit of home nursing services that is a major benefit when it comes to your recovery.

Private duty nursing provides plenty of practical benefits, but it also helps to give you and your loved ones peace of mind while you are recovering. The level of care provided by a home health nurse and the instruction and wisdom that you and your caregiver can gain from having them in your home is invaluable. If you fit the profile of a person who can benefit from home nursing services, do not hesitate to call and request them today.

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