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At Diversity Home Health Group, we are committed to research and study to improve the delivery and quality of our healthcare services. We collaborate with local health providers to fufill the needs of patients at the highest possible level.  We use robust cloud-based software for all communications and patient charting, so our clinicians and caregivers can spend more time on patient care, rather than on documentation.

We always strive for our patient’s 100% satisfaction.

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Henry Ford
Who we are

Our mission is to deliver high quality, cost-effective, and outstanding in-home health care services to clients living in their own homes, assisted living communities, and nursing homes.

The agency provides comprehensive in-home health care services with a focus on patient-centered agenda. We prioritize the health care needs of every individual and commit to delivering excellent patient care and safety.  We collaborate with other healthcare providers to focus on every single need that each client may have.  Our robust services have successfully delivered the premium healthcare to our clients all over Minnesota.

Diversity Home Health Group is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health and proudly serves the Twin Cities Metro, Rochester, and it’s surrounding counties.

Our latest news

Complications of UTI in the Elderly: What You Need to Know

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one of the most common infections affecting older adults. When promptly and properly treated, UTI is easily managed and rarely develops complications. But, when left untreated, UTI can lead to serious health consequences which can...

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20 Best Parks and Hiking Trails in Rochester, Minnesota

Hiking in Minnesota is a year-round activity. It's enormously popular across the state, but especially so in Rochester. That's because the city boasts so many outstanding parks and trails. If you've never been hiking before or if you're not familiar with the parks in...

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Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention in the Elderly

Studies suggest that fully one-third of seniors in the U.S. will experience a fall each year. That is a huge number, indicating that the need for awareness regarding fall prevention in the elderly is more necessary now than ever before. For younger people, a simple...

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Palliative Care vs Hospice Care: Know the Difference

When a chronic or terminal illness strikes, it affects every facet of the patient's life. However, the effect of the diagnosis goes beyond the patient to alter the lives of the patient's family and friends. A great deal of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...

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The Goals of Hospice Care

Most people prefer to lead a purpose-driven life. Frequently, this means setting goals. A diagnosis with a terminal illness may radically alter the life goals of the patient and their family. However, that does not mean that goals must be entirely set aside. Instead,...

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